Luna Moth

Luna Moth in SC
Location: Lexington, SC
March 20, 2011 9:51 am
I saw this beautiful moth on a sidewalk while shopping on March 19. I took a photo and identified it on the Internet the next day. Imagine my surprise! It appears to be a male Luna Moth, seen here on a sidewalk in Lexington, SC (central SC, near the capital of Columbia). I wish I had ”rescued” it, although I don’t know what I would have done, except perhaps bring it to the woods right behind my house. I’m horrified to know that I left it there to probably be trampled.
Signature: Sad in SC

Luna Moth

Hi Sad in SC,
If it is any consolation, Luna Moths only live a few days as adults and they do not feed.  Adults mate, the female lays eggs, and both quickly die.  Luna Moths have many predators, and part of their function in the intricate and confusing web of life is to provide food to other creatures.  We would like to think that this beauty lived to mate since he is such a handsome specimen.  Your letter represents the first report we have received this year of a Luna Moth other than from Texas.  As spring nears, sightings will move north, and by May we should be hearing from readers in Maine and Canada.

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  1. This afternoon whilst caring for my neighbors pet pig, I saw something odd fluttering in the rear corner of the pen. At first I thought it was a baby humming bird. The closer I looked the more mysterfied I was. i found a neighbor to validate my sight and confirm that I wasn’t hallucinating! We caught it inspected it and put it back from which it came. The piglets dad found it on your website! Thanks for solving the origin and name of our mystery guest.

  2. I was worked at Union County Dragway in S.C. for 4 years.In the tower with all the glass and the bright lights to light the property these moth were in abundance every weekend.Some were really amazing in design.Not a shortage of luna moths in union.

  3. I live near Atlanta. Found one on my front porch this morning. He/she is big and beautiful. Wish I could post the picture.


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