Ghost Moth
Hello Bugman,
I wish I could say I was a bug girl, but I just can’t figure out what this peculiar bug is. I am assuming it is a moth, but am unsure of what type. We have seen a few of these in the past 2 years and a couple of “hummingbird moths”. The hummingbird moths tend to catch me off guard and I do scream quite loud (tend to be about three fourths (3/4) the size of a dollar bill.) I reside in Maryland ( Ellicott City area), and have been stumbling upon a lot of strange critters. I hope you can help, and if so I may have another picture to send you. It is of a black caterpillar with gray/white fur all over it. Reminds me a bit of a baby chimpanzees finger(s) with medium white hair all over it. We found about 200 + on our patio when we came home from work 4 days ago (28 July 05). I gathered them up in a few cans freaking out because they were trying to borrow in the ground and my dog’s fury bed. I have 3 caterpillars in a jar with dirt now. As soon as I put them in there they played possum for about a minute, and then immediately dug into the soil. One of them actually has his back facing one side of the jar. I see him wiggle around every once in a while. I will truly try and get a picture for you. I am very curious to see what they become. I have yet to find any info on the net that I feel is a definitive answer to what we were/are dealing with. All I can say is that the closest characteristics out there (personality and looks) is the Walnut Caterpillar. I am not sure if they would be in Maryland though. Hope you have some insight to my many curious questions, and I will keep you posted on my little science project in a jar. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Hi Rhiannon,
Your mystery moth is a Luna Moth and it can currently be seen starring in a television commercial for a sleep aid called Lunesta. We look forward to hearing more about your caterpillars when they develop.

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