Lubbers Loving

What is this?
I have these outside my home in West Palm Beach, FL.Being from Pittsburgh, I am a little freaked out by their size and audacity. In this pic, there is one on top of the other. Not sure why, maybe I don’t want to know…

Hi Julie,
We think you know what your Southeastern Lubber Grasshoppers, Romalea microptera, are doing, which is why they will be posted on our Love Among the Bugs page. Adults begin to appear in June and can be found through November in the South. They give off a malodorous liquid when handled and their hind legs have sharp spines that can cut human skin.

Follow-Up: (04/04/2005) Lubber grasshoppers
While perusing your site I came across a picture of the Southern Lubber Grasshopper. We have three color variations of a very similar grasshopper in our yard in South Central Louisiana (just south of Baton Rouge ). There is a large black variety with red on the wings, a black and white stripped and a black, yellow and white stripped variety. Are these from the same family? I have heard a myriad of common names: Devil’s Horse, creosote grasshopper, Tobacco juice Grasshopper, Black locust; etc. They absolutely love to eat my crinum lilies which have thick fleshy leaves. At maturity (or at least as large as I’ve seen) they are 4 or 5 inches in length. They are almost as bad as tomato horn worms when it comes to damage to a plant. Thanks so much for the time and energy you’ve spent to provide such an entertaining and informative site. As a gardener, it helps to know not only the enemies, but also the friends to my garden.
Jean Lavigne,
Prairieville, La

Hi Jean,
Lubber Grasshoppers come in several color variations. WE especially like the colorful common names you have given this critter in your area.

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