Subject: Curious to what it is??
Location: North America (Oklahoma)
December 28, 2013 10:12 am
Hi, I found this little guy crawling on me. ( I assume it is a transfer from my dog) but not sure what it is. Thanks in advance
Signature: Sincerely, DH

Human Louse or other Louse???
Human Louse or other Louse???

Dear DH,
This is a Louse, and we don’t believe there is enough detail in your image to make a conclusive identification, but it looks suspiciously like a Human Louse,
Pediculus humanus, that is pictured on BugGuide.  You can get much helpful information from the Penn State University Entomology Department fact sheet on Human Lice, including:  “Anyone can get lice no matter how clean they are about their personal hygiene and their homes. Lice do not feed on dirt; they feed on blood! People get lice from people. They don’t come from pets. (Dog and cat lice do not infest man.)”  The image of the Dog Louse, Trichodectes canis, on Molecular Expressions:  Science, Optics & You as well as the image on BugGuide look different than your image.

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