Louse Fly in Jordan

Subject: fly insect
Location: jordan_irbed
February 11, 2014 1:54 am
Dear sir,
This is Dr.Motasem from Jordan, recently we have found this insect (attached) in our home (about 5 in number),we live in modern town, not a village, no trees, no animals or pets in around.
3 days ago i got an insect bite which was severly swollen,itchy and tender relieved by local and oral anti-histamine( u can identify the sting head (double head) in the attached file).
Looking forward to hearing from u soon. Any suggestions is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Signature: Motasembella

Louse Fly
Louse Fly

Dear Dr. Motasem,
You are being visited by Louse Flies in the family Hippoboscidae.  Louse Flies feed on the blood of animals, and though they have preferred hosts depending upon the species, they will feed opportunistically from humans if there is no other prey available.  You have indicated that there are no animals near you, which would explain why you are being bitten, but it does not explain why the Louse Flies are there if there is no food source.  Some Louse Flies feed on the blood of sheep, and others prey upon birds like pigeons.

Bite of a Louse Fly
Bite of a Louse Fly

Dear Daniel,
Ur reply and cooperation is much appreciated.
This explanation makes sense as we were invaded by Pigeons in the last 6 months in the roof of our building ( we live in the  last floor).
We are trying to get rid of them, but not yet.
So do u think we should use now any type of insect killer or should we bring a specialised company for that, or just leave it.

Hi again Motasem,
In our opinion, if you get rid of the pigeons, you won’t have to worry about the Louse Flies.  They are not interested in human blood unless they can’t get pigeon blood.  We believe they will die out on their own if there are no longer any pigeons to drop new flies on a regular basis.

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