Louse Fly from Poland

Subject: Blood sucker in Poland
Location: Poland
June 3, 2015 1:52 pm
This bug sucked blood from my face after a short hike around a small town Poland. It was about the size of a dime I think. The bite left a small raised bump that went away after a couple hours. Please help!
Signature: Shaun

Louse Fly
Louse Fly

Hi Shaun,
This is a blood-sucking Louse Fly in the family Hippoboscoidea whose members fly feebly and often lose their wings when they land on a warm blooded host.  Louse Flies are often associated with sheep and those species are known as Sheep Keds.
  We are post-dating your submission so that it goes live in mid June.

Thank you so much Daniel for your quick reply! I feel much better knowing
exactly what it is. The no
wings threw me off. Great job, and thanks again.

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      • Your response was in reply to Mikolaj who identified the genus Lipoptena, though your vitriol appears to be directed at the editorial staff of WTB? who have always acknowledged that we have no entomologists on our staff. If one follows the taxonomy from genus Lipoptena to Family Hippoboscidae (Louse Flies) to Order Diptera (Flies) to arrive at the Class Insecta (Insects), it would be correct. Ticks are in the order Ixodida according to BugGuide and they are not insects. According to Merriam-Webster: Definition of sheep ked
        : a wingless bloodsucking dipteran fly (Melophagus ovinus) that feeds chiefly on sheep and is a vector of sheep trypanosomiasis
        — called also sheep tick. So a Ked is a Fly that looks like a Tick. We have never heard the common name Deer Flea, but we suppose somewhere in the world that name might refer to a Deer Ked, which again is a Fly that looks like a Tick.


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