HELP hippobosca equina, Lipoptena cervi
Location: Croatia
July 22, 2011 3:20 am
I need help with hippobosca equina bug. I live in Croatia and I have big problems with that bug. When I go to the nature many of this bugs attacked me. Once I have 30-40 bugs in the same time on my body. They are very agressive and it is very big problem for me because I must spend a lots of times in areas where they live. I contacted the local veterinary college but they only defined that is hippobosca equina. They can not help me. Im sending one picture but I think that there are some little differences between the sempels, depending in which part of the Croatian was. How can I protect against this insect? Please help.
Signature: Ana

Louse Fly

Hi Ana,
Louse Flies are ectoparasites of large mammals like deer and sheep.  Those that parasitize sheep are sometimes called Sheep Keds.  If they cannot find their preferred host, the will bite humans, as you have experienced.  Alas, we don’t have advise regarding how to keep them from landing on you and biting, but we would guess that insect repellant might be a good place to start.

thank you for your response. Unfortunately I’ve tried with most standard insect repellants that I found but nothing is effective : (.

Location: Croatia

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