Louse Fly

Maybe a louse fly?
Location:  North Idaho, USA
October 7, 2010 12:31 pm
Hi! Last night this strange little bug was crawling around in my hair. Kind of freaked me out. I crushed it while getting it out, but I could see what it looked like. Couldn’t identify it. This morning a similar one was crawling on my brother. He flicked it off into the kitchen sink and it drowned, but we fished it out and took pictures. I’m thinking maybe it’s a louse fly. THe whole creature is about 1/8” long. If I look VERY close I see tiny, tiny wings- no way they’d show up in pictures. Can you tell us about it and what we can do to keep them from crawling around on us?? Thanks!
Signature:  Hannah

Louse Fly

Hello Hannah,
Your suspicion that this is a Louse Fly is absolutely correct.  Considering that you are in northern Idaho, we suspect you might live near either a wooded area where there are deer or an agricultural area where there are sheep herds, two situations that would be conducive to supporting a large population of Louse Flies or Keds in the family Hippoboscidae.  According to BugGuide:  “Most are found on birds
” including the Pigeon Louse Fly.  The University of Florida website has an excellent web page on the Pigeon Louse Fly, and the Neotropical Deer Ked is also featured on a web page on the University of Florida Entomology website.

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