Whats this bug?
April 5, 2010
Hello, the other day whilst inside at home my mum pointed out that I had a bug on my sweatshirt. I picked it off and put it on the table and took a picture of it as non of us could identify it (sorry for the distance from it, it was only taken on my phone which wouldnt focus any closer). My dad thought it was a mite but on googling them it doesn’t look to be one of those. Can you identify it as we are all a bit worried! its okay if you can’t as its not the best picture

Sheep Ked

Dear R.Mackie,
Your photo is lacking in critical detail that will make identification easy, but we suspect we know the identity of your critter.  Do you live near a farm, especially one with sheep?  This looks like a Louse Fly in the family Hippoboscidae, a true fly that begins its adult life with wings, which are shed when a mammalian host is found.  Louse Flies are common ectoparasites on sheep, hence the common name Sheep Ked.  You may read more about Louse Flies on BugGuide.

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