Longtailed Skipper

big black moth?
Hi Bugman,
I am wondering if you can identify a bug for me? It is in a photo that a friend sent me from their trip to somewhere near Puerta Vallerta, Mexico. It looks like a large black luna moth (in shape). It has white markings on it’s forwings, and long trailing hindwings. I am attatching a photo, but it isn’t the graeatest. I’ve searched on line for the name of this insect, which I am assuming is a moth, and I can’t come up with anything. I’d be ecstatic if you could identify it for me!!
Thank you,
Lonna Stauffer

Hi Lonna,
This isn’t a moth, but a Longtailed Skipper, a butterfly in the family Hesperiidae that is sometimes referred to as an evolutionary group between butterflies and moths since they possess characteristics of both moths and butterflies. They are not large, despite the appearance in the photo. Longtail Skippers generally have a wingspan under two inches.

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