Longtailed Skipper and Checkered Skipper

My Two New Butterflies — Longtail Skipper and Checker Skipper
The butterfly that I NEVER seen before your website is the Longtail Skipper. What a cutie!! Then I noticed the Checker Skipper seconds later. The Longtail was in and around my garage — too dark for me to focus well. Then the Checker Skipper was in the direct sunlight and it was too bright for me to focus well. THEN my battery died. Ugh!! The attached pics are alright but not as good as I had hoped for. I should have gone to your website first to ID the Checker Skipper!! Since it’s pattern is so striking and I vaguely remembered a butterfly called a Checker, I searched “Checker Butterfly” and got the Checkerspot Butterfly… It went downhill from there until I ended up on the USFWS website and you know all about THAT!! I forgot to mention this earlier, I think I even had a Red Admiral in my yard today. I kid you not, it was like Grand Central Station. What a fun day!! Also, I forgot the flower info. You probably know the flower that the Longtail Skipper is on by now, if you didn’t already — the Mexican Sunflower. The Checker Skipper is on a Cosmos.

Hi Jacqui,
We are beginning to think that you alone could supply us with a steady stream of new images each day. Thanks for sending us your two Skipper images.

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