Longicorn from Zimbabwe: Acanthophorus (Tithoes) confinis

Subject: Big Bug
Location: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
November 23, 2016 9:02 pm
Hi Bugman
I found this Big Bug in my bath tub this morning. My son is an avid wildlife enthusiast so we caught it so the other kids could see it before we release it. i would like to know what it is so we can give the kids info about it.
Signature: Candy

Longicorn: Acanthophorus confinis
Longicorn: Acanthophorus confinis

Dear Candy,
About a week and a half ago we posted an image of a Longicorn from Tanzania that we believe we correctly identified as
Acanthophorus (Tithoes) confinis.  Upon researching that posting, we found an individual offered for sale on Ebay for $450.00, leading us to speculate this must be a rare species.  Your individual is a male, as evidenced by the well developed mandibles.

Hi Daniel
I think that is exactly what it is.  After I caught it and took it to the school for the kids to look at I also posted a picture of it on Simply the Best Bulawayo Notice Board on Facebook and to my surprise about 4 other people said they had also seen them in their homes and yards recently. My specimen will not be gracing Ebay but will be released in the school ground where another one was released a week ago hopefully to go and breed.

Hi Candy,
We are thrilled to hear you will not be profiting from your discovery.  We are tagging this posting with the Bug Humanitarian Award.

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  1. Daniel and Candy , That is one Amazing Long Horn Beetle ! To see the individual alive must be a Grrrreeeeaaaat Feeling ! Such a wonderful diverse planet we have ! It is too bad the late ” Frank Hovore ” could not see the Picture of the Specimen that You have Provided to the Scientific Community and the World ! At any rate he is probably looking down and smiling right now . Cheers ! Gene St. Denis Sierra Nevada Research


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