Longicorn from Malaysia is Massicus pascoei

Subject:  Cerambycidae identification?
Geographic location of the bug:  Malaysia? Indonesia?
Date: 10/03/2017
Time: 10:21 AM EDT
I mounted out this beautiful cerambycidae, but I don’t have the ID tag anymore. Can anyone help ID it?
How you want your letter signed:  The Bug Lady

Longicorn:  Massicus pascoei

Dear Bug Lady,
We had no luck finding any matching images from either Malaysia or Indonesia.  We have posted your image as Unidentified and we hope one of our readers will be able to provide some assistance.

Karl provides and identification
Hello Daniel and Bug Lady:
The Cerambycid is Massicus pascoei, native to both Malaysia and Indonesia. Regards. Karl

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  1. Thank you so much! He’s been sitting in my drawer for a while without ID, and I’ve been looking through images without much luck. Appreciate it!


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