Longicorn from Viet Nam: Pachyteria dimidiata

Help to identify a Black/yellow, Beetle looking Bug
August 1, 2009
Recently (July 31st), a friend of mine took the photo below of a six legged insect, body about 6 cm long, shiny blue-black exosketon, big yellow square flag on its back, and the most amazing feature: the yellow-hooked antennae. Any clue as to what it is?
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Unknown Longicorn from Viet Nam
Pachyteria dimidiata from Viet Nam

Hi Harley,
This is a Longicorn Beetle in the family Cerambycidae, but we are uncertain of its exact identification.  It resembles, both in structure and coloration, a species from North America, the Elderberry Borer, Desmocerus palliatus, in the tribe Desmocerini and the subfamily Lepturinae, the Flower Longhorns, and it is quite possible that the two beetles are closely related.  The Elderberry Borer, which lacks the striking yellow antennae, may be viewed on BugGuide.  Hopefully, one of our readers will be able to assist us in the correct identification.  Just before hitting publish, we decided to check a lovely coffee table book, Living Jewels, given to us by our dear friend Monika Bielser from Basel Switzerland.  Low and behold, we found Pachyteria dimidiata from Malaysia on plate 29 and then found a photo posted online on God of Insects.  It is also represented on the Beetles of Thailand website.

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