Monkeypod Round-Headed Longhorn Beetle from the Philippines

Subject: Blister beetle
Location: Philippines
September 10, 2016 12:03 am
I’m not sure if this is a blister beetle. Please help me identify the insect. Thank you.
Signature: Paz Santos


Dear Paz,
This is NOT a Blister Beetle, but rather, a Longhorned Borer Beetle or Longicorn in the family Cerambycidae.  We have not had any luck determining a species.  Perhaps one of our readers will write in with a species identification.

Karl Identifies the Monkeypod Round-Head Longhorn Beetle
Hi Daniel and Paz Santos:
I believe your longicorn is Xystrocera globosa. Common names include Two-lined Albizia Longhorn and, more colourfully, Monkeypod Round-Headed Longhorn Beetle. I really like the photo. Regards, Karl.

Ed. Note:  Be sure to check out Karl’s new Facebook page of insect macrophotography from northern Manitoba, Canada.

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