Longicorn from Israel

Asphodel longicorn?
February 14, 2010
Hi Bug People!
I found this longicorn beetle on some Common Asphodel flowers on Friday, Feb 12th, in the northwest Negev, Israel.
I saw a few of them during the day, but only on the asphodels.
Some research led me to believe this is Agapanthia pustulifera.
I also found a true bug on the asphodels, which I will send in a separate mail.
Northwestern Negev, Israel

Longicorn: Agapanthia pustulifera

Hi Ben,
You have saved us the effort of identifying your Longicorn.  We found a photo of Agapanthia pustulifera on BioLib, and we agree that it matches your beetle.

Longicorn: Agapanthia pustulifera
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