Longicorn from Honduras

Longhorn Beatle
May 4, 2010
This fellow (or gal) was on our front screen this morning. I’ve looked through the Longhorn picture database, and can’t find one just like it, so I thought I would drop a line. Thanks
Balfate, Honduras (North Coast)

Neoptychodes trilineatus

Hi Brad,
Amazingly, we quickly identified your Longhorn as Neoptychodes trilineatus on BugGuide.  BugGuide notes:  “Primarily Caribbean and Neotropical in distribution, but gets into southwestern and extreme southeastern U.S.”  and “Although Ficus is the primary host, larvae also develop in Alnus, Morus, Salix, Celtis.”

Neoptychodes trilineatus

Thanks very much.  You guys are great.  I’ve got to get better at using the Bug Guide.

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