Longicorn from Cyprus

Subject: Cyprus Longhorn Beetle Cerambycidae Certallum ebulinum ruficolle Fabricius…?
Location: Nicosia (Leftkoşa), Cyprus
February 22, 2014 5:10 am
Hello Daniel, I think I have this one pegged (so to speak). I was detoured by the tanbark borer but it was not quite right so I kept looking, finally coming up with Longhorn Beetle Cerambycidae Certallum ebulinum ruficolle Fabricius (but not sure all those designations are needed because I do not know what they all mean…).
Is this a Capricorn beetle? If so it would be even more nifty as the Mouflon is the moutain goat (ibex) that is featured on the Cypriot euro coins.
Signature: Curious Girl

Longicorn:  Certallum ebulinum ruficolle

Hi Curious Girl,
Using the name you provided, we found a nearly identical image on a Cyrillic language Coleoptera page and an image of a mating pair on Biolib.
  Regarding the name, Cyrambycidae is the name for the family.  The next three words are the taxonomic name for the genus, species and subspecies.  Fabricius is the authority credited with first publishing the name, and that should be followed by a year, which in the case of this beetle is 1781.  Longicorns are often called Capricorns, but we personally generally reserve that for larger species.

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