Longicorn from Costa Rica: Plagiohammus pollinosus

Subject: Yellow Cerambycidae from Costa Rica
Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica
August 7, 2016 12:54 pm
Hi again,
I feel I should have been able to ID this one on my one, but I haven’t managed to find it online.
I saw this Cerambyicid in Monteverde, Costa Rica, at night, on June 27, 2011.
It was a sizable insect, and if memory serves, its body was probably about 5 centimeters long. The antenna were spectacularly long.
Thanks in advance.
Signature: Thibaud Aronson

Longicorn: Plagiohammus pollinosus
Longicorn: Plagiohammus pollinosus

Hi again Thibaud,
As long as you keep providing our site with rare sightings, keep them coming.  We began this Longicorn identification search with the “CERAMBYCOIDEA” DE COSTA RICA site, starting with the subfamily Lamiinae page where we eventually located
 Plagiohammus pollinosus on the Cerambycidae Species Details page, but there were only images of mounted specimens.  We continued to find images of mounted specimens on Cerambycoidea Forum and eBay where a female of the species is listed as “rare.”  For a brief moment, we entertained the thought that you might be providing us with the opportunity to be the only site with an image of a living specimen, until we found this individual on Project Noah.  Thanks for your marvelous additions to our archives, by providing us with two new species for our site.

Wow, thanks again!
I’m glad I’m submitting species you haven’t got yet, and all the more impressed at how quickly you identify them!
I’ll send a couple others your way tomorrow.


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  1. I’ve got one front and one lateral view of a very similar longicorn, also taken in Costa Rica. Shall I make a different post?


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