Longicorn from Brazil

Subject: Large black bug in North Brazil
Location: North Brazil
February 24, 2014 5:19 am
Hello! I am really struggling to find out what species of beetle I have seen. It was very large (the size of my palm) but isn’t a titan beetle. It was black with very long antennae and sharp mandibles which the guide said was used to cut through wood, and it made a horrendous noise when it was picked up.
Here’s hoping you can help!
Signature: Poppy

blurry image of beetle:  Longicorn
blurry image of beetle: Longicorn

these images are too tiny and the detail is too poor to provide species information.  Do you have larger files?

Only the two attached I’m afraid – it’s really low res!
Poppy Riddle

Might it be a type of root borer beetle? My friend has sent me some better res images of it!


Hi Again Poppy,
Thanks for sending the much better resolution images.  This is definitely a Longicorn in the family Cerambycidae, and we are also confident that it is in the subfamily Prioninae, the Root Borers.  We are creating a posting and we will attempt a species identification, however, this will need to wait until later as we must dash off to work.

Root Borer
Root Borer

Thank-you! I think the fact it was found in Northern Brazil keeps throwing me. I don’t know of any that look like that in that area?

Hi again Poppy,
It looks like it might be a male
Ctenoscelis acanthopus which is pictured on the Worldwide Cerambycidae Photo Gallery and on Insects and More.



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