Longicorn from Brazil: Steirastoma brevis

Subject: An strange at home
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
December 21, 2013 9:14 pm
I found this insect on the wall of the house. I was very curious about your species!
Thank you!
Signature: Claudio


Hi Claudio,
This is a Longicorn or Capricorn Beetle in the family Cerambycidae.  We decided to search for its identity in a marvelous coffee table book given to us by Monika that is called Living Jewels, and we found a matching photo of
Steirastoma brevis, however, searching for that name on the internet did not produce any images of beetles with the bold black and yellow pattern of your beetle.  Our first hit online was an image of a postage stamp from Argentina on a site with Cerambycid stamps, but again, the color is not as bold as your individual.  You need to scroll down the page to find the alphabetized scientific name.  We then located an image on the Living Jewels site from the same page as our Living Jewels book image, but it is another member of the same genus, and we would not entirely discount that your beetle might be Steirastoma marmoratus.  A pale specimen is picture on Insect Life Forms.  Again, the colors are not as bright, and the spelling is different, but Steirastoma breve is pictured on BioLib.  Our favorite bit of information we found was of a fashion design blogger identified only as 1080741630 who was inspired to design a fabric print based on the markings of the beetle.  Scroll down to view the citation which reproduces the pattern but does not include an image of the beetle.  The blogger writes:  “I studied the beetle Steirastoma brevis for the brief ‘colour and patterns in wildlife’ experimenting with colour, texture and pattern. By contacting different fabric suppliers in New york, Paris and London, i was able to decide what fabric was best suited to my brief. From here I decided on marino wool for felting as the bold colour was so effective.”  We believe we have the genus identification correct, but the species name remains in question.  Perhaps Cesar Crash or one of our other readers will be able to provide additional information.

Possibly Steirastoma brevis
Possibly Steirastoma brevis


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