Longhorned Borer From Costa Rica

Beetle ID
March 12, 2010
Trying to get an ID on this beetle from Costa Rica.
I’m not very familiar with my bugs and wouldn’t know where to start looking.
So here I am.
Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Longhorned Borer Beetle

Hi Alex,
WE are not certain which of the Longhorned Borer Beetles in the subfamily Prioninae you have submitted.  It may be Callipogon barbatus, though a dorsal view photograph of the entire specimen might be necessary to be certain of the identification.

Thanx Daniel
For taking the time to try and help me ID this beetle. You’ve at least put me on the right track.
I found two more photos which may help you be more certain of your ID.
I see many similarities between the Callipogon barbatus that you suggested but also many differences.
Thank you again

Root Borer from Costa Rica

Hi again Alex,
Thanks for sending additional photos.  This will probably help immensely in identifying this Root Borer, though we need to go to the market to buy dinner before we do any additional research.

Root Borer from Costa Rica

Hi Daniel and Alex:
These are lovely shots of what I believe is a Mallodon spinibarbis (Prioninae:  Mallodontini). It could also be M. molarius, but I think that is less likely. It ranges from Mexico to South America as far down as Argentina. You could also check out the Worldwide Cerambycoidea Photo Gallery, which has several images of this species, as well as several other Mallodon species that occur in Costa Rica.  I will be visiting the Osa Peninsula next week so this helps to get me pumped (as if I needed it). Thanks.

Thanks Karl,
You appear to have nailed it again.

Thank you both.
Karl I just got back from Osa it was fantastic but SO HOT!!!!!
Heres a link to a few photos I took while there.
Have fun. I wish I was headed back!

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