Long Winged Derbid Planthopper from India

Subject: Unknown Insect
Location: 14.1667°N 75.0333°E
March 23, 2016 1:59 am
Hello Sir,
I was on travel to Western Ghats of India and was able to capture a insect/bug in Macro mode, Tried with National Geographic, but they re-directed towards you.
Just wanted to know the species of the insect.
I have attached the picture for your reference.
Below is the link to my Your Shot profile:
Signature: Ravindra Kulkarni

Long Winged Derbid Planthopper
Long Winged Derbid Planthopper

Dear Ravindra,
This is a Long Winged Derbid Planthopper in the family Derbidae.  SinoBug has some nice images of Chinese Derbid Planthoppers and Project Noah has a similar looking individual from New Guinea identified as
Proutista moestaCabDirect states:  “The plant hopper Proutista moesta is an economically important sap-sucking insect of palms and is implicated as a common vector of root (wilt) disease of coconut, yellow leaf disease of arecanut and spear rot disease of oil palm in Kerala, India. The adults are sap-feeding, while its nymphs develop saprophytically by feeding on substrates undergoing fungal decomposition.”  This FlickR image was taken in India.

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