Subject: swallow tail moth?
Location: 3 miles W. of Wagram, NC (NC Sandhills)
September 12, 2012 10:58 am
I saw this fellow on my buddlea bush and am at loss to identify him. He has an iridescent blue back and a fairly pronounced swallow tail.
Signature: Bill Ingle

Long-Tailed Skipper

Hi Bill,
This Long-Tailed Skipper,
Urbanus proteus, is actually a butterfly and not a moth, though Skippers are generally classified as a transitional group of butterflies that shares many characteristics with moth.  According to BugGuide the range of the Long-Tailed Skipper is “‘Argentina north through Central America, the West Indies, and Mexico to peninsular Florida and South Texas. Occasionally strays and colonizes north to Connecticut, southern Illinois, eastern Kansas, southern Arizona, and southern California.’ (Butterflies and Moths of North America).”

Bless your heart!  Thank you so much!
They haven’t been seen in this area before, but we’ll be watching for them.

Location: North Carolina

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