Long Necked Seed Bug

Subject: Household insect with strange thick parts of legs
Location: New Jersey
July 22, 2016 11:21 pm
I have seen these insects twice in my apartment in suburbia lately. One much smaller than this, about a centimeter long, and then this one, which was about 3 centimeters in length.
Sorry the photo is slightly blurry, but I hope you can see the shape. I know it’s not a roach, the back isn’t the right shape. I don’t think it’s a beetle. I am perplexed outside of that though: it has these thickenings near its joints in its legs that remind me of bees, and a head that reminds me of that, too, but it doesn’t have the hemiptera waist. My best guess is a true bug, but that’s pretty vague!
I tried to grab it so I could look at its mouth parts, but it intelligently moved away.
Signature: Sylvia

Long Necked Seed Bug
Long Necked Seed Bug

Dear Sylvia,
This is a Long Necked Seed Bug,
Myodocha serripes, a species that according to BugGuide:  “overwinters in woodlands, migrating to fields in spring/summer; adults attracted to lights” and “Sometimes a pest of strawberries.”  We love your dedication to learning its identity, including trying to see its mouth parts. 

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