Long Jawed Orbweaver

Unidentified spider-Cyclosa???
Hello Bugman,
Was wondering if you can help me identify this spider. I live in Sacramento, CA and this spider currently lives amongst the papyrus plants in my pond. It builds a web between the tall fronds of two different papyrus plants (see pic) and then eats the gnats that get caught in the web. The plants are two feet apart from eachother, so I’m guessing that the spider swims from one plant to another to initially anchor it’s web? I’ve never witnessed it swimming though. The web generally measures about 2 feet across, because that’s how far the plants are apart from each other.
Based on your spider database, I feel like it looks closest to the Cyclosa family due to the oddly shaped abdomen, but I’m not sure. It I had to guess it’s size, I’d say it’s 1-1.5″ long, with it’s legs extended as in underleaf pictures. Thanks for your help and I love your site,

Hi Leslie,
Your spider is a Long Jawed Orbweaver in the genus Tetragnatha. Most likely, the spider has a single anchor line to the web from which to rebuild each day, or that the spider drops a line of silk and the wind carries it to the opposite side. We do not believe the spider is swimming across the pond daily.

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