Male Magnolia Green Jumping Spider

Subject: Spider I’ve never seen!
Location: Sugar Hill, GA
June 26, 2014 7:25 am
Hello Bugman!
First of all, love the site. I visit often as I am absolutely fascinated by bugs 🙂
I’m wondering if you can help ID this spider. I found it by my front door late this (summer) morning. I live in Georgia, northeast of Atlanta, and have never seen a spider like this one. I tried to ID it on my own, to no avail.
Please help! My 3 year old daughter and I would love to know what it is.
Signature: Sarah W

Longjawed Orbweaver
Male Magnolia Green Jumping Spider

Dear Sarah,
This is a Long-Jawed Orbweaver in the family Tetragnathidae, and it is most likely in the genus Tetragnatha, but we cannot say for certain which species.  You can compare your individual to this image on BugGuide.

Correction:  May 29, 2020
BugGuideThanks to a comment from Alan, we can now correctly identify this male Magnolia Green Jumping Spider which is pictured on .

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