Subject: Strange, two-headed (or split, maybe?) arachnid
Location: Old Saybrook, Connecticut
July 24, 2012 9:11 pm
Hi there! This little guy (or possibly girl) decided to say hello… By dropping in less than half a foot away from my face! It startled me, but I was more fascinated than anything. It ended up falling to the ground while trying to climb up it’s web, so I decided to take a picture. What I found interesting is with a closer look, it appeared to have a somewhat longish ”head”, maybe a centimeter long, and then those odd stalk-like things protruding from it. Another thing I found interesting was it seemed to be dazed after falling (which I guess is understandable after falling from about fifteen to twenty feet) and was having trouble moving. I looked away for a moment and when I looked back it was gone! I couldn’t find it anywhere nearby, and it was at least a good four feet from anything to climb on. I would’ve taken more pictures otherwise. Thanks ahead of time!
Signature: Eibhleann

Long Jawed Orb Weaver

Dear Eibhleann,
Your spider is a Long Jawed Orbweaver in the genus
Tetragnatha, and you can compare your specimen to this male from BugGuide.  This information is also provided by BugGuide:  “These spiders spin circular (orb) webs, mostly in the horizontal plane, often just inches above the surface of water where they can intercept emerging insects like midges, mayflies, and stoneflies.”

Location: Connecticut

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