Locust Borer

A Locust Borer Beetle
Hi Daniel,
I couldn’t find this lovely beetle on your site, but s ome research led me to Megacyllene robiniae . It’s pretty similar t oMegacyllene caryae (which I did find on your site) ,but the yellow stripes seem more pronounced. Evidently this striking bug is pretty common this time of year, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen one. It was nearly an inch long and was hanging out on the goldenrod, along with a bunch of Pennsylvania leatherwings. It’s always so exciting to spot something new in the backyard, and I just wanted to share. Keep up the good work! Regards,
New Lenox, IL

Hi Christina,
We actually do have images on Locust Borers on some of our 15 pages devoted to beetles. This would have been an excellent choice for Bug of the Month for September, but we already picked the Bagworm since there were so many recent requests for identifications. Locust Borers are strikingly beautiful beetles that are commonly found on goldenrod where they feed on the pollen.

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