Little Leaf Notcher Weevil, we believe

Beetles Eating My Jamaica Dogwood
August 24, 2009
I was planning on using insecticide to control them ( between these, mealy bugs, and a massive scale infestation I’m getting desperate) but while I was taking these photos a Dingy Purplewing butterfly landed on the tree so I may just have to learn live with them.
Cutler Bay, FL

Little Leaf Notcher Weevil
Little Leaf Notcher Weevil

Hi Tad,
We are relatively certain that this is a Little Leaf Notcher Weevil, Artipus floridanus.  We did a web search of “white weevil florida and were quickly led to a BugGuide page.

Little Leaf Notcher Weevil
Little Leaf Notcher Weevil

I didn’t realize it was a weevil, I kept looking at leaf beetles.
After a closer look it turns out to be this weevil:
According to this document ” ” many of the host plants are in my yard.
Thanks again

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