Little Bear: Paracotalpa granicollis

Subject: Black & Maroon Fuzzy Beetle
Location: Carson City, NV
April 18, 2014 11:53 pm
Hi Bugman & crew! We took a mountain hike this afternoon & found this beauty. I’d say it was just under an inch long. Found him on a gorgeous 70-degree day in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern Nevada – Carson City, specifically. I’ve tried to search the web & your site for identification but every search wants it to be a velvet ant, which I know it’s definitely not! Thanks for your help!
Signature: Michelle Pedersen

Paracotalpa ursina
Paracotalpa granicollis

Dear Michelle,
You are correct.  This is not a Velvet Ant.  It is a Scarab in the subfamily Rutelinae, the Shining Leaf Chafers, and sadly, it does not have a common name, but we have identified it as
Paracotalpa ursina.  There is also an image on CalPhotos where it is identified as a Little Bear, a reference to its scientific species name.  The Sam Wells Bug Page has a nice account of an encounter with Little Bears near Fresno.

Correction:  Paracotalpa granicollis
Thanks to a comment from Gene St. Denis, we now know this is a different member of the same genus.

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  1. Michelle and Ladies and Gentlemen , You have a perfect specimen of Paracotalpa granicollis ! Cheers! Gene St. Denis Sierra Nevada Research


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