Lined June Beetle

Subject: Bemuda Dunes, California Beetle
Location: Bermuda Dunes, California
May 7, 2016 3:27 am
Just bought a house in Bermuda Dunes, in the hot desert of Coachella Valley, California. This past three weeks our yard has been inundated with these beetles (please see picture). We’ve tried to identify it by searching the web for a similar picture, but can’t find one. Can you possibly tell us what kind of beetle this is?
Thanks in advance.
Signature: David Pepin

Lined June Beetle
Lined June Beetle

Dear David,
This is a Lined June Beetle in the genus
Polyphylla, but we are not certain of the species.  Based on the species posted to BugGuide, one possible species identification might be Polyphylla cavifrons which is pictured on BugGuide and looks very similar, though BugGuide does note “Species identification often difficult.”  We tried searching for the genus in Coachella Valley and discovered an article on Digital Commons that mentions a new species, Polyphylla aeolus, from your area.  The images on BugGuide do look similar but they appear to have more markings on the elytra than your individual.

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  1. Dave, Very nice ! I would like to some specimen samples if possible , they have interesting variations for sure and for a positive ID I will have to see close up . If you can , send me an email at [email protected] . If possible and they are still with your residence , you could save them ( old vitamin bottle/prescription vile ) in a container with a piece of paper towel in it and keep them in the freezer/ refrigerator . I will send you money for a Post Office priority mail box. Or, I will either come down that way to hunt for some or pick up some of your very beautiful Ten Lined Dune Beetles ! Looks close to several dune species , possibly Polyphylla mescalerensis or something like it …. and Maybe something else . Here is a link with some more Pictures ….… .for back ground relatives . Cheers! Gene St. Denis Sierra Nevada Research South Lake Tahoe


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