Lined June Beetle

Subject: Large striped beetle in Montana
Location: NW Montana, USA
July 17, 2017 12:15 pm
Found two of these large (a little more than an inch long) striped beetles at a service station in the Flathead Valley near larch and pine forest in NW Montana. Probably drawn in by lights the night before. Can you help me ID?
Signature: Dorinda Troutman

LIned June Beetle

Dear Dorinda,
This is a Lined June Beetle in the genus
Polyphylla, but we are not comfortable providing a species name as there are many similar looking members of the genus, and BugGuide, our favorite source for North American identifications, is currently unavailable.

I very much appreciate your prompt reply with an answer. My husband told me it was a June beetle when I showed him the photo yesterday, and I had seen somewhat similar ones, but not exactly the same, on your website. My beetle did not show antennae and its head and body were two different colors. I’m happy with the general name.
Thank you again,
Dorinda Troutman

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