Lime Hawkmoth

Wed, May 6, 2009 at 6:16 AM
This was seen on a brick wall in Canterbury Kent, UK. We are trying to find out what type of moth it is (if it is a moth!) Can you help?
Canterbury, UK

Lime Hawkmoth
Lime Hawkmoth

Hi Tom,
We believe this is the second time we have received a photo of the Lime Hawkmoth, Mimas tiliae.  The common name is derived from the food tree, the Linden, which is called the Lime Tree in England.  According to UK Moths, According to that website it is:  “A reasonably common species in the southern half of Britain, it was most frequent in the London area, where there are still extensive tree-lined avenues. In recent years its distribution has spread northwards and is now regularly found well into North Yorkshire and beyond. ”  We believe the range expansion is due to global warming.

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