Lily Leaf Beetle

Red beetles
Location: Torrington, CT
June 20, 2011 9:37 am
These little red guys are all over my hostas. Can you tell me what they are? LOVE your site, but what happened to your Facebook page? I loved having neat bugs sent to me every day! Happy bugging!!
Signature: Jennifer

Lily Leaf Beetle

Hi Jennifer,
This is a Lily Leaf Beetle,
Lilioceris lilii, a species recently accidentally introduced from Europe.  It is firmly established in Canada and New England.  Until your letter, we did not realize that Hosta is a member of the Lily family.  We will check with our web host regarding your Facebook question, since that is not a matter that our editorial staff controls.

3 thoughts on “Lily Leaf Beetle”

  1. That explains it! The hostas are right next to a carpet lily patch. Thanks for your response. BTW, my facebook feed is working again…

  2. So are these nettles poisonous to dogs and do they bite? Also do they look like red velvet? First answer I found was a bloody red flying beetle and couldn’t find if they hurt dogs either. Im torn because there all over my ivy n hostas. There were black w/ red rears mating rear to rear today! Please help my yr old lab eats everything! Im worried

    • Hi Angie,
      Nettles, more specifically stinging nettles are plants and we do not generally provide information on plants. To the best of our knowledge, Lily Leaf Beetles are not toxic to dogs.


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