Lily Leaf Beetle

Red Beetle?
Mon, May 11, 2009 at 1:47 AM
Found this on my lily plant leaf. Would like to know about it, especially if it is harmful to my garden and greenhouse plants.
Leicester, UK

Lily Leaf Beetle
Lily Leaf Beetle

Hi Katie,
This is a Lily Leaf Beetle, Lilioceris lilii.  This beetle is native to Europe and has recently been introduced into parts of North America.  The larvae and adults feed on the leaves of true lilies, and can become so numerous they become a pest.  BugGuide has a nice dialog about the Lily Leaf Beetle, including one person calling them the “scourge of Cambridge” and others recommending using black pepper to control their numbers.

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  1. It just happened that I photographed a Lily Leaf Beetle in my garden two days ago. I posted the photographs on my flickr page ( ) and a friend told me about this blog entry (THANKS MARY). Just as a further comment, I know these beatles are harmful for plants and normally my mother eliminates them. Anyhow I didn’t tell her where I photographed my beetle. Killing my photograph subject wouldn’t be so kind, after all the kindness this little insect had for letting itself being photographed 🙂


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