Likely Beetle Larva from the Philippines

Subject: Creepy centipede-like insect
Location: Cavite, Philippines
May 24, 2015 1:13 am
Hi! My brother found this odd looking centipede in our house. Definitely, this is not a centipede because it only got 6 legs. I tried doing some research but can’t find any match. We’ll really appreciate it if you can help us identify this creature.
Thanks, WTB!
Signature: Jop

Beetle Larva
Beetle Larva

Dear Jop,
Without doing any research, we suspect this is a Beetle Larva, most likely the larva of a Ground Beetle in the family Carabidae.  Carabidae of the World has some very similar looking images of a species identified as
Carabus (Morphocarabus) karpinskii.  This most resembles larvae of the Caterpillar Hunters, a group of large predatory Ground Beetles.  We have not had any luck matching your images to online images from the Philippines.

Probably Ground Beetle Larva
Probably Ground Beetle Larva

Hi Daniel,
Wow! It’s a larva. It must be a very big beetle then when it matures because this larvae measures around 2 and a half inches.
Thanks Daniel for your response!
We appreciate it.

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  1. I have just found one of these also. I am in Tagaytay, Philippines. So not far from Cavite. I cannot find out anywhere what it is. I have noted where it buried itself in a flower bed. See what happens.


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