Lichen Moth in insect collection

Subject: Butterfly, Southern California ID?
Location: Santa Cruz Island, CA
September 1, 2016 1:44 pm
Found this butterfly in a collection with no ID.
Sorry for the one and only picture.
Any chance of an ID?
Signature: Geoff

Lichen Moth
Lichen Moth

Dear Geoff,
What is the origin of this collection?  Are you certain the specimen was from Santa Cruz Island?  We are curious as there is no label on the specimen.  This is a Lichen Moth in the tribe Lithosiini.  It resembles
Lycomorpha regulus which is reported from California on BugGuide but Lycomorpha fulgens is also reported from California according to BugGuide.

Hello Daniel
Yes, this was collected on Santa Cruz Island, I was working organizing the Herbarium Collection for the UCSB SCI reserve, the same room has the Bug collection also. This was in one of the Lepidoptera cases I was cleaning.
I can get a better picture next time. Is there any diagnostic characters I should focus on to tell the two apart?
I will look for any other unknowns next time Im out there.
Let me know if any of you bug guys are out this way and I can see about getting out to Island?
Thanks for your help.

Hi again Geoffrey,
We don’t know that we are going to be able to provide you with exact diagnostic information.  According to BugGuide, of
Lycomorpha regulus:  “Closely related to L. fulgens, and L. grotei.”  Your island offer is highly tempting, but alas, we have just begun a new semester teaching and our free time has evaporated.

Hello Daniel

Not a problem, I understand about volunteer time constraints and the details of parsing out moth spp.
I work at UCSB in IT at the Bren School, so I understand what happens when the students come back.
I volunteer at the Islands during the quite times. Please see the links below for the future and keep us in mind when out west.
For what school do you work for?
Thank you again Geoffrey


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