Lichen Katydid from Ecuador

Subject: unknown katiedid/grasshopper
Location: Pastaza, Ecuador
August 12, 2012 12:25 am
I took these pictures last October in the Amazon in Ecuador and I have had no luck figuring out what it is.
Signature: bjkalma

Lichen Katydid

Dear bjkalma,
It seems that worldwide, Katydids have a knack for being able to mimic their natural surroundings, however many exotic species seem otherworldly when they are photographed against more neutral backgrounds that cause them to stand out as opposed to blending in.  We did a web search of Katydids in Ecuador and quickly found this link to Gail Shumway Photography that identifies this as a Lichen Katydid, 
Markia hystrix.  We then hoped for a more scientific website to corroborate that ID and we found a photo on Animals and Earth with the Lichen Katydid as well as the lichen it mimics.  An individual from Panama is also pictured on Project Noah.  Thank you for this fine addition to our archive.

Lichen Katydid


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