Mantus Metalmark from Guyana

Subject: Guyana butterfly
Location: Guyana rainforest
February 12, 2014 5:46 pm
I saw the butterfly in the attached picture in Guyana in January. Any idea what it is?
Thank you.
Signature: KRB

Diurnal Moth we believe
Mantus Metalmark

We don’t believe this is a butterfly, but we do believe it is a member of the same order, Lepidoptera.  We believe this is a diurnal moth, but our famous search engine which begins with a G does not work as well any longer and we have not been able to find any matching images.

Probably Diurnal Moth
Mantus Metalmark

Correction Courtesy of Karl
Hi Daniel and KRB:
Although it does look rather moth-like, this is actually a butterfly. It’s a Mantus Metalmark, Nymphidium mantus, another of those amazing neotropical Metalmark butterflies (Riodinidae). The subfamily is Riodininae, and according to the Butterflies of America site the species ranges from Costa Rica to Venezuela & Brazil. Regards.  Karl

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