Leopard Slug in Canada

Subject: Very large slug or snail?
Location: Toronto, canada
August 4, 2016 4:09 pm
can you please identify what this is….
Signature: Michelle

Leopard Slug
Leopard Slug

Dear Michelle,
We are pretty confident this is a Leopard Slug,
Limax maximus, and according to the article “Giant slugs slither into Saint John” on CBC News:  “Donald McAlpine, research curator of zoology at the New Brunswick Museum in Saint John, said the giant slugs are commonly known as the giant spotted leopard slug because of their markings.  ‘These are by far the largest slug in this region, probably one of the largest, if not the largest slug in Canada,’ McAlpine said.  McAlpine said the slugs thrive in damp, dark places.”  According to the Fairfax County Public Schools site:  “Leopard Slugs were introduced to America, but are now common. They grow to four inches. They are usually grayish yellow with black spots or bands. Often they are wrinkled.”  According to The Living World of Molluscs:  “The leopard slug is a commensal species, which, apart from its habitats in forests, often may be found in cellars and in cultivated areas. While its original home was in Southern and Western Europe, today it not only occurs over nearly all of Europe, but also has been introduced Overseas with food transports.”

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