Leopard Moth from the UK

Subject: Saw this in my garden!!
Location: Crawley, West Sussex, uk RH11 9QD
July 3, 2015 10:23 am
Found this bug in the garden, never seen it before and would like to know what it is! I tried googlin but no luck so please help
Signature: Manuel da silva

Leopard Moth
Leopard Moth

Dear Manuel,
This is a Leopard Moth,
Zeuzera pyrina, one of the Wood Moths in the family Cossidae and you can verify our identification on UK Moths where it states:  “Distributed over the southern half of England and South Wales, associated with woodland, gardens and orchards.  The adults fly during June and July and the larvae feed on the wood of a variety of deciduous trees.  Though nocturnal in habits, the adults can sometimes be found resting conspicuously in the daytime.”

Well there you go, thanks a million for taking the time and replying to me, it’s greatly appreciated, have a good weekend and keep well

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