Unknown bugs
You have a great website! I found some similar looking bugs, but not exactly. I’m hoping you can ID the bugs in these pictures. Thanks for your help! The bugs in PICT0268 and PICT0126 come in the house in large numbers through small cracks at the side of the screen. They seem to arrive in the fall. The majority move to windows on the side of the house with the sun. The bug in PICT0126 is a brownish gray with yellow markings (the coloring is a bit off). PICT0006 and 0008 are different sides of the same bug. They don’t come in the house. They arrive in early spring and have voracious appetites for aphids on rose bushes leaving black oilish smears on the leaves.
Ashland, OR

Hi Gayle,
Your aphid eater is a Leatherwing, ond of the Soldier Beetles. It resembles Podabrus pruinosus pictured on BugGuide. BugGuide also indicates that many species eat aphids. We have neglected photographing our own species that has been attracted to the porch light for the past month.

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