Leafwings from Costa Rica

Subject: Butterfly ID
Location: Braulio Carrillo, Costa Rica
November 19, 2013 1:13 pm
Nr 6 is a butterfly I found in Braulio Carrillo, Costa Rica. In january 2013
I couldn’t take a picture with the wings open but maybe it will do
Signature: ?

Leafwings:  Archaeoprepona amphimachus
Leafwings: Archaeoprepona amphimachus

Dear questioning,
Though you submitted numerous identification requests, we will most likely only be able to turn our attention to one this morning since we must soon leave for work.  These appear to be Leafwings, more specifically, White Spotted Preponas,
Archaeoprepona amphimachus, and they appear to be taking nutrients from what might be a piece of rotting fruit.  We wish you had supplied us with additional information regarding the circumstances leading up to this image.  Wikimedia has a nice image showing the dorsal and ventral surfaces of a mounted specimen.

Thank you for your time already.
All the circumstances leading to the 9 pictures were the same.
We were on holiday in Costa Rica and we want to visit all the nature reserves.
As much as possible in 3 weeks
So all the pictures were taken when we walked through the reserves.
We never search for it.
We’ve just taken the pictures when we were following the main road.

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