Not To Many Leaf Hoppers
Hi there,
I am a photographer on greeneyephoto.com and am looking for a little help with a leaf hopper ID. I visit your site from time to time to Identify different bugs I come across while out photographing. A wonderful site by the way. Its great that you teach the good things about insects and aracnids. Its not often that you come across people who like them. I am from Iowa, however this photo was takin in Paris TN. The Leaf Hopper if memory serves me right was about half an inch long. Tricky little guys to get photos of as they like to swing behide the plant stalks. When they see you looking around the other side the fly off. I did a little test and found they didn’t fly away or even try and hide as long as I didn’t have my camera… must not like having their pictures taken. Anyways any help would be great. From A Bug Lover
Forest Blakesley
GreenEye Photo

Hi Forest,
Leafhopper identification can be a real challenge, so we were thrilled that BugGuide quickly provided us with the identification of your Cuerna costalis, a Leafhopper with no common name.

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