Sharpshooter from the Caribbean

Subject: Query – bug identification
Location: Guadeloupe, Petit Boutg [Bougt]
February 11, 2013 10:13 am
I would appreciate very much if you could identify the bug (presumably Membracoidea)
Signature: Miroslav


Dear Miroslav,
We needed to begin by researching that Guadeloupe, Petit Boutg is on a Caribbean island between Puerto Rico and Trinidad/Tobago, which we suspected, but we were not certain.  Alas, there isn’t a good online source for the insects of Guadeloupe, Petit Boutg.  In our opinion, the family is Cicadellidae, the Leafhoppers and not Membracoidea, the Treehoppers.  See BugGuide for North American Leafhoppers.  Individuals that live on islands have a closed gene pool and frequently develop into distinct subspecies and eventually species, as we learned from Darwin and the Galapagos.

Dear Daniel,
Many thanks for so quick response and worthwhile information. Is it so that my bug is similar to e.g., Graphocephala atropunctata?
Well, I must apologize for misprinting the location, it should read Petit Bourg, not Petit Bougt, sorry for that.
I have pictures of another two species from Guadeloupe that I am not able to identify. Do you think I can submit them for identification?
Best regards,

Yes you may, but we are about to leave the [home] office for the day to go to work and we probably won’t do any additional posting until tomorrow.

Karl provides an identification of this Sharpshooter
Hi Daniel and Miroslav:
It’s a leafhopper in the family Cicadellidae and subfamily Cicadellinae, commonly referred to as Sharpshooters. I think it is probably Hortensia similis, a species that is common throughout the Lesser and Greater Antilles, but has a much wider distribution that ranges from Florida to the northern half of South America. Regards.  Karl

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