Leaf Footed Bugs Mating

More Leaf-Footed Bugs
Location: Northeast Florida
June 20, 2011 6:00 pm
I found some Leaf-Footed Bugs mating on my tomato plants today, and I took a few pictures. In these photos I don’t see the yellowish spots on the forward part of the pronotum that were obvious in the first bug picture I sent you. So do I have two varieties of Leaf-Footed Bugs on my tomatoes?
Signature: Karen

Mating Leaf Footed Bugs

Hi Again Karen,
These mating Leaf Footed Bugs are in the same genus as your previous submission,
Leptoglossus, however they represent a different species.  We believe this is Leptoglossus phyllopus based on images posted to BugGuide.

Mating Leaf Footed Bugs

Hi Daniel,
Thank you again for your help. At first I assumed these bugs were the same as the bug in the first photo I sent you, but when I looked at the pictures closely I didn’t see the spots on the pronotum. It’s hard to believe that I could have two species of a bug I’d never heard of or seen before on my tomato plants!

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