Leaf Footed Bugs Mating: Leptoglossus zonatus

Leptoglossus zonatus
I found these all over our only orange tree and the bean pods of a hyacinth bean vine. We live just north of Houston, TX. Found an article that says they are new to FL. Can you help ID the one on the green leaf?

Hi Dan,
We actually believe your species is another Leaf Footed Bug, Leptoglossus phyllopus. The adults are mating and the insect on the leaf is an immature nymph of the same species.

Update (01/06/2006)
Yes, Leptoglossus zonatus
Dear Bugman Dan,
Yes, the person that submitted this message was right. It is L. zonatus. Nice photos he submitted! I like reading what is posted in your website. I learn a lot especially from the home owners’ point of view.
USDA, taxonomy of Heteroptera

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