Leaf Footed Bug scares wife in car

Subject: Bug in Car
Location: Redlands, Ca
January 29, 2014 10:25 pm
Found this bug in the car in Redlands, California
Terrified the wife. The only power I have over her is not being terrified by bugs myself.
Would love to know what you think it is.
Thank you for your expertise.
Signature: Dana Law

Western Leaf Footed Bug
Western Leaf Footed Bug

leaf footed bug genus Leptoglossus

You’re awesome!
I’ll make a well deserved donation later today when I’m at my desktop.
Thank you,
Dana Law
San Diego

Thanks Dana,
I dashed that answer off before rushing out to go to work.  I should have told you they are harmless.

I had a feeling it wasn’t dangerous.
It was excited to learn what it was. The penultimate example of the “Hive” mind.
The best minds brought together by technology, experience and knowledge.
These are the best of times.
Thanks again.
Dana Law
P.S. Here’s a slug from southern Washington on the Pacific Crest Trail. Not a bug but……

Hi again Dana,
Now that you have sufficiently fluffed our ego, we decided to dig through the trash, prepare your photo for the web, and provide a bit more information for a true posting.  We believe this is a Western Leaf Footed Bug,
Leptoglossus clypealis, based on the BugGuide description “A spine extending forwards from the tip of the head (the tylus) is distinctive.”  See this image on BugGuide for a closeup of the tylus.  A more dorsal view of this Leaf Footed Bug from above would make our suspicion more definite as the tylus is partially obscured by the antennae.  Though we have already indicated this Western Leaf Footed Bug is not harmful to humans, BugGuide notes:  “Can be a pest in pistacio, almond, plums” and we have also observed them feeding on pomegranates.  They feed by piercing the skin of the fruit with their proboscis and sucking fluids from the plant.  The release of an enzyme at the site of the feeding results in blemishes on the fruit that make parts of it inedible to humans.

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