Leaf Footed Bug from Nepal

Subject: Nepal bug
Location: Lubhu, eastern Kathmandu valley, Nepal
July 25, 2017 7:36 am
This morning (25th July) I found this bug lying outside a friend’s house at Lubhu in the eastern part of Kathmandu valley. It seemed to have lost a wing and was barely alive. I have lived in Nepal for 8 years and never seen an insect like this before and my Nepali friends (who have been in Nepal much longer) didn’t know it either.
Signature: Philip Holmes

Leaf Footed Bug: Dalader species

Dear Philip,
Because Nepal is such a small country, we attempted to research Leaf Footed Bugs from the family Coreidae that are found in India, and we located this Alamy image identified as a
Dalader species.  There is a FlickR image to support that genus identification.  Bugs and Insects of Singapore also has an image to support that identification.

Thanks Daniel – that certainly looks the part! The one I found yesterday had a very striking orange back.
Keep up the good work

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